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Negotiation and Mediation
In the absence of an effective or adequate estate plan, heirs are left to decide on how to divide and distribute the estate.  This is where the usual disagreements occur.  Without the express wishes of the decedent which, may come in the form of a last will and testament, conflicting views as to who gets what oftentimes arise.

Negotiation and mediation are effective means to resolve these conflicts.  With the assistance of an objective and knowledgeable negtiator or mediator, heirs can be informed of their respective rights and all possible legal solutions may be presented, considered and adopted. This prevents any unnecessary, confrontational, costly and prolonged court action.

The sooner and more amicable the heirs settle their conflicts, the sooner they will get to enjoy the blessings of wealth of the decedent. 

Negotiation and Mediation
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